We appreciate every £1 that is donated to us as it allows us to fund our missions of preventing suicide;

“It has never been a priority at SAPUK to gain funds, that is why you have never seen us asking for them, our services grew to what they are without financial support but then we quickly saw ourselves quite restricted, so in 2022 we started to receive donations, and our services grew”

As many who have worked with us and overcoming their mental health understand that our services are unique, we hold people here with no time limit, our services though do only go so far our long term projection is to get a stable base for us so our individuals are able to go to.

What also needs to be understood is that each service is unique and what we offer another may not, what another may offer we may not, it is really finding what support works for you

but why donate to us?

Where do we as a CIC, CIO to be direct our funds.

Preventing suicide, all of our members are volunteers and will carry on as this until it is no longer able. Our services cost us but are free for anyone to use, it is an extremely supportive service seeing many of our individuals progress to a better mental health with guided support and direction, we are that gap between a person knowing they need help to getting the physical help, which can be up to a 6 week wait. We work with services;

How do we benefit you directly? We work with individuals and volunteers across England, Scotland & Wales, and occasionally overseas, by us doing this and enlightening each individual we create ripples and alike other services deter further impact from the loss of suicide within the community; You may not see us within your communities, but we are either there or have been there previously supporting someone;

Most of our volunteers hold much experience already for preventing suicide and creating awareness, hence why they volunteer with us, some having trained and been within the grounds of education such as being Psychology students.

This role is an extensive role and requires much patience and understanding, it is not a role that anyone can do which is why it is important that SAPUK does not have any financial restrictions as we support many individuals with suicidal tendencies.




By donating to us, you allow us to keep our services open such as phone lines and face to face supporting appointments, with expansion we can also increase our flexibility and time on the phone lines, meaning with your support we can help more people

We are also able to offer more physical support and not be restricted when attending supported appointments

We are able to keep our website in alignment with the relevant information and produce educational posts and info graphics

We are also able to stay within the professional capacity that HM revenue & customs and companies house require, and also progress towards and with the charity commissions


We can stay within the required legal capacity and ensure our services are covered with the correct policies, with expansion not out of limit when needed

Training / Recruitment

We are able to gift back to our hardworking volunteers by running them through relevant training courses – it is the least we can do. We are also able to run successful recruitment posts and ensure our long standing volunteers are in receipt of all relevant up-to-date training. We are also able to keep embracing in new volunteers, especially students giving them the opportunity to work with real-life people and gain experience they may need.

Ads / Marketing 

We are able to run effective ads in order to reach more people who may be struggling, recruit new volunteers, we are also able spread info graphics to its highest potential ensuring that anyone who may need this understanding have access to it

Events / Sponsorship’s

We are able to attend and create events without having a restriction on finances, creating leaflets and having them printed, we are also able to sponsor events that are within similar nature supporting locally with mental health support. Our projects have no restrictions, which the biggest being the semicolon project, this itself reaches so many people for support. We are able to attend schools, universities, work places and share basic knowledge of understanding suicidal thoughts and tendencies,

Transport / Travel 

That our directors and management aren’t within restriction when they are required to be anywhere for the benefit of the CIC and the general public in receipt of the travel intended


But most importantly it ensures we can gift support freely and to our highest understanding, we are extremely busy at times and it can be difficult offering the support alone, as an organisation that will not change its activities once we gain charity status it is important that we are able to stay open and within receipt of external support, because we offer this to a wide silent extent. We save people from suicide everyday there is no price on this;

If you require any further information, please email Danielle@suicideapuk.co.uk

 Thank you for reading and if you require support please click the chat icon; Thank you for reading and if you require support please click the chat icon;