It is always difficult over coming trauma, and it comes in many different ways. Trauma is an event or occurrence that happens in our life that can trigger negative mind states, trauma can make us feel numb, agitated, sorrow, aggression, frustration, anxious, apprehension and so many more.

Trauma can occupy alot of your time, healing from trauma has no time frame, you heal when you heal, and sometimes we can endure duplicated trauma and this can extend our healing further.

We can’t tell trauma when to come nor can we predict the intensity, but what we can do is we can understand why we are triggered when we are, and we can understand our trauma, this will help us with healing.


SAPUK have created this healing checklist, which highlights some of the
downfalls we face as people every day, especially when struggling
with suicidal idealization

Accept things as they are

You have to live with what you have in front of you, no matter how bad or defeating your past may be, there is no going back and changing whatever trauma you faced. You may wish for things to be different but re-living the past in hope of change won’t move you forward. What has happened, has happened, you have to accept things as they are, some of us end up in the most unthinkable circumstances and it can be difficult to process trauma that is so vivid, but you can process it and move forward, just accept the mental health you have because of it, and then you will heal, if you need any support please do contact the team, they are ever so helpful ✌

Prioritize your own mental health before others

I think we often forget to look after ourselves and others may come before ourselves, it is okay to say no if you don’t want to have any conversations, its okay to say no if you aren’t able to help. Many may want to speak of their own mental health but if you aren’t okay it is okay to say no, but make sure you explain that you aren’t feeling to well today to absorb another energy. It is okay to say no, you need to prioritize yourself first ☀

Understand your triggers #understandyourtriggers

Many times we can just be walking along and we hear a song, then we see some artwork, then we smell the local bakery, and each one of these can be a trigger, you could have a song that triggers you bringing back emotions of heartbreak, you could see a piece of art that has similarities to your friend you lost not so long ago, you could smell the bakery your parent took you too but is no longer here. We can be triggered by anything around us, if you are struggling with self harm your trigger maybe the the things you have previously self harmed with, any trigger needs to be understood and removed if necessary, understanding our triggers helps us to not be alerted when they enter our worlds, so that we can be calm and accept the trigger for its memories rather than its pain 🌱

Acknowledge your thoughts but do not become them

This is part of the understanding your triggers, thoughts are triggers too, if you are feeling suicidal acknowledge them, you are in the midst of trauma, it is okay to feel this way, you are not crazy, you are not different, you are just struggling and that is okay, the only thing you need to do in these periods is keep yourself alive 💜


Be yourself no matter what

This is so important, the most important thing. Be yourself, be true to yourself. It doesn’t matter about ‘fitting in’, be you.

If you are struggling with any emotions or need help with a safety plan, or need someone to talk to – please do send us a message on the SAPUK website ☮