Its never easy helping the wider community, with 70% of people seeking support for their mental health not actually receiving it, here at SAPUK we offer guidance and support during these moments so that people aren’t part of the 70% community anymore. Everyday from 6am – 11pm our volunteers sit with people within distress.

Our support is consistent and unique, we encourage our volunteers to be there selves, please see the volunteer page to understand our current team and who you will be joining

In 2019 where we were originally based in the North West, suicide rates fell drastically a news outlet reported, whatever we are doing works and we are keeping people here, please join us if you are like-minded, the experience you will gain is valuable, we welcome anyone with no discrimination  ✌️

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SAPUK are made up of members who continue to excel within the suicide prevention community, each with their own background and knowledge in this area, many of our volunteers are accredited to a substantial level within Suicidology, our priority is getting all volunteers accredited

SAPUK are made up of volunteers who have sufficient training but who also have lived experience within the area, each volunteer is passionate and selfless.

SAPUK also know that people can’t volunteer forever so we are always recruiting new members – if you wish to assist our community please do download the below form and email it to and our volunteer co-coordinator will be in touch

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CEO – Danielle Shaw

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