The Semicolon Fest makes an appearance this September –

This year SAPUK are hosting their first suicide prevention festival that will be designed around the semicolon tattoo project and its messages, as this is a fundamental symbol within our communities;

Not only does the semicolon offer a symbol of hope it also represents overcoming suicidal actions, conquering suicidal thoughts and staying alive even when a person does not want too. Each person who wears the semicolon as a tattoo wears it for a different reason, each a symbol of hope;

The festival we are launching is a giant safe space so that anyone who may feel isolated with their suicidal thoughts or ideations is welcome here with open arms – come and join us in celebrating life together;

The organisers working on the festival are Dan, Kirst, Beck, Heidi, Kim & Georgee

The idea for a festival has always been something that we have been looking into. Festivals are fun gatherings for people, so we wanted to create one that would be more so a fun, safe gathering for people. Many people struggle with festivals and actually getting to them, here we want to show individuals that it is okay, you are enough to be here;
I think this is an excellent way to show the nation that suicide prevention is a thing to be preaching about on a larger scale, as they say its okay not to be okay;

Over the upcoming weeks and months the organisers will be bringing in new stalls and introducing all participating businesses and community groups if you would like to participate or have something you may be able to assist us with please contact us –
For stalls / businesses –
For entertainment / community / media – and for any general enquiries contact


Thankyou and we look forward to seeing you there;