Welcome to part of the SAPUK family, here you will get to see who you are talking with whilst you spend your time with SAPUK.

SAPUK do this so that you can feel welcome and understand who you are speaking with, doing this creates a bond in a friendly manner as is encouraged by counsellors and therapists, it will discourage any feelings of nervousness or any uncertainty of the unknown, each member is a real person wanting to help.
Each of the members below has a different story and background and each member will help you in a different manner, please note SAPUK do regularly add new volunteers;

At SAPUK they strive on team work, the team they have works very selflessly together, ensuring that everyone has the support they need, the team work as volunteers by a rota, with three different sessions per day, each volunteer has a story and here they are – please meet the SAPUK family;

Meet Our Team

SAPUK's Founder


Hey, I am Dan


I am the founder of SAPUK, I started SAPUK back in 2016 when I lost my stepdad to suicide, I found him so the scars are there and will always be there once on show – now healed, it has just become a part of me now. I think throughout life I have faced many torments, many broken days, many broken nights and a huge lack of support, something many will be able understand, not really having anyone through trauma.
When I faced the hardest pain of finding someone when depression took a hold it engraved within me like a embed I can’t remove, followed by more trauma, I had no intensive support so i had to heal within my own self, it was really tough, i started reading and sharing quotes to help me heal, to which SAPUK formed.
I have learnt so much over the years with SAPUK and outside of SAPUK, becoming a Suicide First Aider, Mental health first aider, studying self-harm in adolescence, mental health in the workplace, and others surrounding suicidal idealization and currently studying Bsc psychology to which i have my level 5 in psychology, i also have a level 4 in suicide prevention, to which this will always be continued learning, researching and understanding how a person can get to this point, my studying will progress to the Neurology within suicide prevention.
I love working with SAPUK, I love conversing with new people and helping people to understand their mental health, I feel as though the world is tough more so for some at this moment in time, we need to spread some support, peace & love and I will do that everyday in whatever way I can.
I take suicide prevention extremely seriously i am obsessed with preventing it and that is all that anyone needs to understand as to why i do this.
For more info my blog is back up

Peace & Love

SAPUK's Directors










I made the decision to join SAPUK in late 2022, when I came across the application it just felt right! I have suffered with my mental health from the age of 11, I’ve been diagnosed with depression, generalised anxiety disorder and C-PTSD. There have been a number of interventions during my journey including me having to spend a number of months in a psychiatric hospital at age 15 after a psychotic break. Along the way I have encountered multiple types of therapy, medications and treatment teams. In the past I have made attempts on my life and I did self harm for a number of years. In 2019 I was finally able to leave an abusive situation and since then I have felt a big improvement in my mental health. I am still seeking treatment and still have my bad days but I’m on the mend!

I wanted to volunteer to be able to support people when they need it most. I never want anyone to feel as lonely as I did! I have always been known as a person people can turn to and I honestly take pride in that. I know that sometimes you just need that person to talk to, wether it’s about what’s going on or just a chat to fill that void.

I am disabled; so between medical appointments I like to offer up as much time as I can to work alongside the brilliant team of volunteers here and give people a safe, friendly and compassionate place to come when they need it.




SAPUK's Aspiring Trustees

Training Co-ordinator









SAPUK's Managers

Advocacy Co-Ordinator










Rota Manager