Welcome to part of the SAPUK family, here you will get to see who is within management at SAPUK,

We are a young community, but we are fresh and focused.

SAPUK do this so that you can feel welcome and understand who you are creating safe spaces with, doing this creates a bond in a friendly manner as is encouraged by counsellors and therapists, it will discourage any feelings of nervousness or any uncertainty of the unknown, each member is a real person wanting to help. We also have an anonymous chat option;
Each of the members below has a different story and background and each member will help you in a different manner, please note SAPUK do regularly add new volunteers;

At SAPUK we strive on team work, the team we have works very selflessly together, ensuring that everyone has the support they need, although all women within management we do occupy male volunteers also;

The team work as volunteers on a rotary system, with three different sessions per day, each volunteer has a story and here some of  them are – please meet the SAPUK management family ✌️

Meet Our Team

SAPUK's Founder


Hey, I am Dan

danielle@suicideapuk.co.uk - Preston , Lancashire

Hey, I am Danielle (Dan), and i am the founder of SAPUK, I started SAPUK back in 2016 when I lost my stepdad to suicide, full story is on my blog 'seeing suicide' (link below). My journey with SAPUK over the years has been educational, inspiring and empowering. Meeting and supporting many individuals on their journey, either within healing or as a volunteer with us.
At SAPUK we are a unique team, our support is instant, friendly and within a group. I and we promote individuality and encourage each of our volunteers to be themselves whole-heartedly, each volunteer offers different friendly support in aid of supporting suicidal thoughts. Over the years we have adapted and tailored different levels of support, from basic suicidal support to more enhanced support for suicidal thoughts. We as a team including myself hold many accreditation's within psychology, suicidology and sociology, but besides this the most experience has been gained over the years at SAPUK supporting each individual that has come through to us. I am very confident within the team and what we are able to provide and that we save many lives each day, reach out if you are struggling to any of us.

Peace & Love

SAPUK's Managing Director

Managing Director


kirst@suicideapuk.co.uk - Stockport

Hello, I'm Kirst. Through personal experiences and professional endeavors, I came to understand the profound impact that mental health struggles and suicidal thoughts can have on individuals, families and communities. My journey led me to the realisation that mental health can be improved, and lives can be saved through proactive suicide prevention measures.

Having worked closely with individuals grappling with mental health, I've discovered my passion in advocating for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Since then, I'm missioning for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Support to be accessible for all within our communities, beginning with food-banks and our SAP;U.K Pantry.

Kirst xx

SAPUK's Directors



beck@suicideapuk.co.uk - Stoke-On-Trent

Hey, I’m Beck
As a child I was subjected to awful things (I won’t go into detail as they can be triggering for some, but I am more than happy to speak about my childhood if anybody asks me) which led me to struggling with my mental health from the age of 14. Over the years I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I have myself struggled with suicide ideation along with panic attacks and other things. I am now (only after a lot of hard work) thankfully through the other side and in such a better place, but I won’t lie I will never be 100% over it all and do still have my bad days but I am better equipped to get myself through them now.
Along with my own experiences I have over the last 7 years supported my husband who has a lot of mental health problems due to his time in the Armed Forces. He has himself attempted but luckily, I was there to put a stop to it and get him the help he needed. It has been a rough time, but I have the experience of supporting somebody on top of my own experience.
So, with the above in mind, it means I am deeply passionate about mental health and the welfare of individuals, I am dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts. I firmly believe in the power of empathy, understanding, and compassionate support.
I have a vast array of qualifications from mental health, counselling, safeguarding & life coach qualifications and I am currently studying a psychology degree at university. With these, I bring a unique perspective to my role here. Combining my academic knowledge with my genuine care for people, I am committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for anyone who needs support, guidance, or simply a listening ear.
My role in this incredible team involves recruitment onboarding for new volunteers, I am a line manager for select volunteers doing regular check ins to make sure their own mental health is all ok too. I’m an organiser for our yearly semi colon tattoo project and recently have started on an outreach programme, involving schools and parents/carers to help and support with suicide ideation in people under the age of 18. And of course, you will find me on our chat system occasionally. By utilizing my skills in active listening, empathy, and problem-solving, I endeavour to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of others. Together with the rest of the team, we are here to support individuals in their darkest moments and guide them towards hope, resilience, and healing.
My future aspirations are to have an impact on as many individuals as I possibly can, career wise I am wanting to go into the social side of things and become a mental health social worker, this is because I do love helping and supporting individuals, but my passion has and always will be supporting young people who didn’t have the best start in this world. Along with this I am wanting to set up a little side business and become a life coach too.
I firmly believe that no one should ever feel alone or without someone to turn to during challenging times. With that in mind, I encourage you to explore our website, resources, and various platforms we utilize to spread awareness. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by suicide and create a more compassionate society.
Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or if you simply need someone to talk to. We are here to support you, and together, we can work towards a world where suicide is not viewed as an option, but where compassion, understanding, and hope prevail.


heidi@suicideapuk.co.uk - Yorkshire




SAPUK's Managers








Andie@suicideapuk.co.uk / South

Hey, I am Andie and I am one of the managers here at SAPUK. I started volunteering with SAPUK in February 2023 before becoming a manager in August. SAPUK's mission and ethos lie very close to my heart as someone who has also experienced several mental health difficulties in their lifetime. I deeply understand the importance of having someone to turn to in difficult times and hope that all individuals I chat to feel supported. When I am not working for SAPUK you will find me studying for my English Literature degree or on the dance floor as I compete nationally in several dance competitions.

I am based in the Southwest region of England and my email is Andie@suicideapuk.co.uk. I am always happy to help if I can so please do not hesitate to drop me any enquiries about the work we do here.




Hi, I’m Bethanie one of the managers here at SAP;UK. I’m currently in my third year at university studying psychology and counselling. I have had my own personal struggles with mental health in particular health anxiety and panic disorder, I understand how difficult it can be to struggle alone so I strive to help others that need support during these difficult times. Growing up my family have always worked and supported people who struggle with their mental health so helping in whatever way I can is something I’m really passionate about. I'm dyslexic so expect big thinking and small typos.

If you ever need to talk you can email me on Bethanie@suicideapuk.co.uk, I am based in the South east of England.



Nicky xxx

Hello I am Nicky xxx, some of you may know me as the mother of SAPUK, as i am. I spent 6 years by SAPUK's side with one sole purpose, to prevent suicide. Throughout my life i have had much life experience with mental health, domestic violence, autism, ADHD, dyslexia, drug & alcohol abuse, and gained good knowledge through my university degree studying law, and although i have had my own personal health struggles fighting cancer and beating it, i still offered my time to stop others feeling like i once did, i utilized my skills and devoted my time to preventing suicide. Now i spent many years within this setting and enjoyed watching each individual flourish into who they are today, conquering their battles and still fighting for life, and although i enjoyed every minute of it i had to give my time up to once again battle cancer. I am very poorly at the moment but i want each and every person here at SAPUK to know that life is extremely valuable, cherish every person you have like i do my Lauren and Brendan and everyone here at SAPUK. And although i may not be able to support you right now, you have my SAP Daughter Dan to look after you and everyone at SAPUK;

Keep living your life because one day you will have your last day, love you all, Nicky xxx