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As you may of already seen, there is a message button below – this is a direct link to the SAPUK messaging service on Facebook, if there are any problems visit and click the message button for instant support ✌

SAPUK offer a private and confidential message line from 6am – 11pm 365 days a year;

It is so important to keep up communication, so we use talking therapy as a tool to suppress suicidal thoughts and tenancies

How talking helps with suicidal idealization SAPUK (2022)

Talking therapies can help you to work out how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings and make positive changes, talking with another person about your current position can help open the doors for you to overcome whatever hardship you are facing as you get to hear your situation from another perspective, it is also seen to lift pressure as you share your thoughts and feelings with another.

They can help people who are feeling distressed by difficult events in their lives as well as people with ongoing mental health problems. Talking is good for you, it helps to clear your mind and it has been proven many times through research and experiences.

Talking about your thoughts and feelings can help you deal with times when you feel distressed about anything, it may be a relationship breakdown, troubles at work or in an educational setting. If you hold distress without sharing it with another person, you can turn this particular thought over and over in your mind, this can make you become isolated, more so if you have had suicidal thoughts prior, please reach out – you may only need support for a short period of time, but it is there.

Discussing your troubles can help you work out what is triggering these thoughts and explore what you could do about it, this may be learning in depth about your mental health problem.

Talking is an important part of our relationships, without it we have no basis within the relationship. It can strengthen your ties with other people and help you stay within a good mental health. Being listened to helps you feel that other people care about you and what you have to say. Not many can mentally process another who is suicidal, so please be mindful who you reach out too, you may see many people walk away, please do not take this as a neglectful behaviour, more so think they may not have the space in their mind at that moment. Here at SAPUK our message line is open, and we don’t care how many times you message, we have a team who are trained and within experience to do this;

What are talking therapies?

We often find it helpful to talk problems through with a friend or family member, but sometimes friends and family cannot help us, and we need to talk to a professional therapist, please also consult with your doctor if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts as we are only an online support network.

Talking therapies involve talking to someone who is trained to help you deal with your negative feelings. They can help anyone who is experiencing distress. You do not have to be told by a doctor that you have a mental health problem to be offered or benefit from a talking therapy, getting a taxi is a talking therapy, taxi drivers and hairdressers were voted at a point the best to talk with (but yeah we totally agree)

Talking therapies give people the chance to explore their thoughts and feelings and the effect they have on their behaviour and mood. Describing what’s going on in your head and how that makes you feel can help you notice any patterns which it may be helpful to change.

It can help you work out where your negative feelings and ideas come from and why they are there.

Understanding all this can help people make positive changes by thinking or acting differently. Talking therapies can help people to take greater control of their lives and improve their confidence.

Talking therapies may also be referred to as: talking treatments, counselling, psychological therapies or treatments, psychotherapies

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