Where SAPUK started

SAPUK is a non-profit suicide prevention CIC founded in 2016 by Dan Shaw
after the devasting loss of Bryan Baron – 4th September 2016.

For the years that SAPUK has been afloat, we have guided countless amounts of people who have been and are struggling with suicide idealization via our SAPChat
service which is a message line on Facebook and a phone line which is ready to re-launch
in the early months 2022, at SAPUK we also have a recovery plan people can
enrol onto with adequately trained members, this will consist of a weekly phone
call as well as access to our message line;

For more info on the depth in which it started please see the founders blog (Dan) on meet the volunteers page;

SAPUK run yearly, quarterly, monthly, and soon to be fortnightly projects both
online and within the community in a plea to reach and educate as many people
as possible in this life-threatening mind illness that darkens the best of us, the biggest project being The Semicolon Tattoo Project, which see’s tattoo studios doing the Semicolon tattoo for just £10, in 2019, 5206 joined in and got the tattoo.

Suicide rates are the highest they have ever been, being the number one killer
in men under the age of 45 for the last decade. We wish to help in reducing
that number;

SAPUK members are always training and looking at ways in order to reach
these people before it is too late

SAPUK have a dedicated selfless voluntary team, running rotary throughout the
year, being the blue group and the purple group, all have basic training with
many members excelling these in different manners, we have enough knowledge
amongst us to be able to guide sufficiently

Thank you for taking the time to read

The SAPUK team

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