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Over the years of SAPUK; becoming who we are today we have built a foundation, a new doorway for people to turn into, we have a huge team, who spend there time guiding others out of the dark.

We have coached hundreds of people with our friendly positive attitudes and will continue to do so over the upcoming years.

We are a strong well connected team, based throughout the UK covering vast amount of counties.

Our messaging service is open for anyone who needs it. Go on our facebook page to speak with one of the team.

SAPUK; started when we lost a family member to suicide, Dan the founder of SAPUK; started by sharing uplifting quotes as it helped her through her darker days. We then opened our messaging service in December 2018, we were inundated in messages, this is when Lou our Co-Founder joined with the same like minded compassion. Shortly after our patron Penny J Black joined, together we started building the foundations, we now have a large team @ SAPUK; – check out meet the team!

We run The Semi Colon Tattoo Project; which is soon to launch in April 2020, and we also run the campaign Letters of Hope; which can both be found on our website.

We are also in the process of launching 3 more projects, these are just under going completion.

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