My Healing Checklist

When asked, “How do you take care of yourself?” — well, that’s where the questions start being asked.

What is self-care?
Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it’s a simple concept in theory, it’s something we very often overlook. Good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. It’s also key to a good relationship with oneself and others.

What is self-love?
In 5 easy steps.

  1. Accept things as they are. It is difficult when you have an already envisioned future, to then have it all go pear shaped and not how you wanted it too. Events and things happen that are beyond our control and can change the whole dynamics of your mind, it can send you the opposite way to which you thought you were going. You can end up in a subconscious turmoil as you keep a tight grip of the past and what you wanted it to be, living in the midst of ‘What if?’. But it has changed and there is nothing you can do about that, because it is so far from your control. Accept what has happened, once you bare this acceptance you can wipe your slate clean and eventually begin to build back up with a new vision on the horizon, life has so many opportunists but you will not see them if you don’t accept yourself for what/who you are today.
  2. Prioritize your own mental health before others. This is so important, learn to say NO. It really is okay to say no. If you aren’t feeling up to something because you are tired, drained from work, unsociable, unable to function to an efficient level then you must say no. Your mental health is so important because you are the beacon of life for yourself, if you constantly fill others up and save no time for yourself, you could find your mental health faltering in the long run. If you need time to yourself you do not have to explain this to anyone. Take time if you need time.
  3. Understand your triggers. Are you back and forth to the doctors because your mind has had another breakdown? Do you understand what is causing it? Does it just come out of nowhere? If you answer yes to all of these steps then try these steps.
    Sadness can overcrowd at any given moment, it can make things unbearable but where does it come from? Is it the past or is it something that is currently going on? Whatever it is you need to understand your triggers, so that next time something comes out of the blue (a song, a small, a place) you are mentally prepared to handle it. If you understand what is making you sad then you can logically fix it to some degree, to make it manageable. (I will produce a video on this once i have done some more studying)
  4. Acknowledge your thoughts but try not to become them. Dark thoughts pass through easily when you have faced any form or trauma either past or present. Its your mind seeking the darkness, (maybe to recover?). If you understand that these thoughts are temporary you can train yourself to dismiss. I used to trick myself away from any temporary dark thoughts, i would mentally envision flowers and then have them pop through my mind simultaneously. It really worked, it may not work for everyone – but your thoughts are a learnt process and it is showed through experimental research that what we rehearse through our minds becomes engraved. Dismiss dark with light.
  5. Be yourself – no matter what. Awh this. Be yourself, some people really do not understand how incredible it is to be unique, to hold things visually and mentally that another does not have. We are all completely different, it is amazing. Showcase yourself, be literally the best you can be. Find what you are good at and pursue it. Dream so far that even you might not make it, as long as you always mentally upgrade you will always be successful. Be happy within yourself – this makes a huge difference. Life is perceived so differently once you are happy. It doesn’t matter what anyone else sees what matters is what you see.

Say Hey if you are struggling ;