Meet The Team at SAPUK

Hey Guys, here they are the SAPUK team, each of them is unique in their own way and wants to share their stories with you, if you click on the hyperlinks you will be diverted to their personal page. They want you to know who they are as they understand who you are.
SAPUK believe it is important that each member has an individual voice as they all stand for something different, and have experienced life in many ways. Reach out if you are struggling.
They are here;
They are the SAPUK team

Dan ✌

SAPUK’s Founder
Coventry’s Area Manager

Dan has recently qualified as a recognized Suicide First Aider

Dan is also undergoing a Psychology Degree

Em 💛

SAPUK’s Trustee
Ribble Valley’s Area Manager

She is SAPUK’s project manager

Em is also studying counselling & psychotherapy


SAPUK’s Taunton Area Manager

Bry has worked within the NHS services


SAPUK’s General Manager
Preston’s Area Manager

SAPChat’s phone line manager


Derbyshire Area Manager

He is SAPUK’s school co-ordinator

Nicky xxxx

Burnley Area Manager

She is SAPChat’s message line manager


Blackburn’s Area Manager

Jackie has qualifications in these areas


Stoke – on – Trent’s Area Manager

Helen is SAPUK’s Support Group Manager

Cathryn is SAPUK’s Manchester co – area Manager with Liam

Liam is SAPUK’s Manchester co – area Manager with Cathryn