Hi, I am Chris.

I am 26 years old and from Preston.

I am a Suicide Awareness Prevention UK (SAPUK) Volunteer.

I am also the Area Manager of Preston, so I will be focusing on bettering the mental health here.

I joined SAPUK in November 2019, as I want to help people.  I approached SAPUK because like them i also want to make a difference.

Like most people, I have experienced and suffered the isolating darkness of poor mental-health.  

I sadly experienced the hard-hitting loss of my grandad, when I was 14.  The bereavement of his loss hit me very hard.  This was the first time that I remember experiencing depression.

Depression continued into my adulthood when i tried to take my own life. I overdosed on tablets and if it weren’t for the fact that my body fought the tablets I’d taken, and my realisation of actually I wanted to live, I wouldn’t have asked for help. I was in the park and walked up to this lovely couple and told them I’d taken an overdose and that I needed an ambulance, they stayed with me until the ambulance came making sure I was okay. I got to the hospital and they kept me there overnight. Luckily, there was no lasting damage.

SAPUK has provided a positive outlet for me.  I have felt hopeless to the point of attempting to end my own life, 6 years ago.  I came through, luckily, and was able to be present for the brighter days.  Now, at the end of the tunnel and back into the light, I am able to use my own experiences to try to ignite hope back into the hopeless.  My purpose at SAPUK is to empathise and help others.

I believe that life should not ever be taken away, because no matter how dark things seem, it does change and does get better… you just have to be there for it.

A message from Dan –

“Since Chris joined the organisation in 2019, he has countlessly shown his passion for helping other people, it is clear that he is a selfless, driven & a very unique individual. Chris strives to learn as well as pushing to make a difference, taking every opportunity in his hands. It has been a positive watching him take risks and chances, SAPUK is very lucky to have such a team member within our community. We as a team are grateful for everything Chris has done, and are looking forward to watching him grow further over the upcoming years. His story is incredible and having such a background with such a grounded personality is a very rare thing to endure, Preston is lucky to have Chris, and over the upcoming months we will work within Preston to lower the stats together”

If you have any further questions, or any queries regarding the area please contact me at