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5th April;

In April 2019 SAPUK ran The Semi Colon Tattoo Project. In the 2019 event 76 tattoo studios participated, and inked the ; on 3206 people. They all raised over £13,000 for numerous charities. The project began in Blackburn @ Grafix tattoo studio where SAPUK teamed with studios and offered the semi colon tattoo for £10, Chris & Ste managed 216 tattoo’s alone. Kaya tattoo studio in Glasgow also saw ques for hours. Many more studios saw ques round down the street.

This year they will be running the project from the 5th and over the course of a week. If you are a tattoo studio and want to be involved, please use our contact form to register your interest.

If you are looking at being involved with the nation and getting the tattoo please see map below for your local studio.

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2019 flyer

More photos are on their facebook group.